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Clifton's and Clifford Clinton: A Cafeteria and a Crusader

$ 30.00

In this new biography, Edmond J. Clinton III chronicles how Clifford Clinton, with his last $2000 and 2,500 recipes, opened the first Clifton's Cafeteria in 1931 at 618 S. Olive St. and soon created a respite for weary souls during the Great Depression and a haven for the rest of the city—a place that became a family tradition and a place to gather one’s thoughts, be they political or spiritual. CLIFTON'S AND CLIFFORD CLINTON: A CAFETERIA AND A CRUSADER, tells a riveting story of greed, corruption and humanity. The book includes dozens of vintage images and shared recollections from Clifford Clinton's never-published memoir. This is the definitive biography of the man who changed Los Angeles—forever. Plus, his vision for what he hoped Los Angeles would become, reads like a treatise about Los Angeles 2015. Author Edmond J. Clinton III is the eldest grandson of Clifford Clinton. Edmond was born in Los Angeles, raised in Los Angeles and the Pasadena area, and grew up working at Clifton's Cafeteria as a teenager. A graduate of Occidental College and USC Medical School, he is an internist in Pasadena and has been on staff at Huntington Memorial Hospital since 1978. He and his wife Diane live in La Cañada Flintridge.